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Post-Cosmetic MLD With Claire's Magic Touch In Poole

Post-Cosmetic MLD Individual Treatment £60

Course of 6 Treatments £324   

Course of 10 Treatments £540

Consultation £30 (60 minutes) 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Bodywork at Claire's Magic Touch in Poole is highly recommended if you have had any form of surgery. Especially cosmetic treatments such as liposuction; MLD helps to reduce the risk of developing seroma collection (pockets of fluid called serum pooling in the dead space within tissue that was previously attached), and fibrosis thereby ensuring optimal results whilst supporting your body’s healing process.

Any form of surgery is a trauma to the body.  It is the lymphatic system's job to promote healing by fighting infection, reducing inflammation to the trauma site and clearing the damaged area of swelling, bruising and residual toxins including metabolic waste.  Help the lymphatic system work more effectively with an MLD treatment at the hands of the highly experienced practitioner at Claire's Magic Touch in Poole, Dorset.

Find out what Ana has to say about her treatment:  "I have had two rounds of plastic surgery. My surgeon recommended Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help with the healing process. The first time I saw Claire I was around a week post-op and VERY uncomfortable."

"From the first treatment, there was relief from the swelling. She is very experienced with this procedure and it is so relaxing! She also has a wealth of knowledge of post-operative supplements, soft tissue techniques, and work you can do yourself at home to help your healing process. I genuinely recommend that you book some appointments for after your surgery. I found them invaluable and her support is worth its weight in gold."

Check out this review from Laura M: "I had a 360 abdominoplasty at the end of November 2022. My surgeon had informed me to book in for a lymphatic drainage massage after my surgery to help with my recovery and speed it up. I had no idea what it was I came away and googled and I came across Claire's Magic Touch. I contacted Claire and she responded to me and explained what it is and how it would be performed. All I can say is Claire is such a lovely, professional woman who is amazing at her job. She makes you feel comfortable and reassured me and helped me through my healing progress. Any worries I had I would ask her questions and she would always give me advice."

"It was so nice having my sessions with Claire as I felt less worried as I had Claire by my side helping me through. After 3 massages with Claire I had a week check up appointment at the hospital they were very happy with my healing and said my lymphatic drainage massage lady is doing a really good job as my swelling was minimal and, feeling my stomach and sides, everything was healing the right way."

"I believe if I hadn't have had a lymphatic drainage massage booked in then my healing progress would or could have been longer, painful and may have had complications such as fibrosis. Thank you soo much Claire for helping me through and speeding up my healing progress your work is AMAZING."

Post-Cosmetic Surgery Bodywork MLD packages can be purchased online here under Buy A Membership. Your appointment will be bespoke to your needs and Claire may be able to accommodate appointments outside of the stated working hours.


What To Expect From Post-Cosmetic Surgery Care

MLD is a gentle rhythmic advanced massage that will assist and support your body's lymphatic system to promote a speedy recovery and reduce side effects including swelling, bruising, and tenderness following surgical procedures. This treatment uses massage techniques, exercise, advises compression, and stretching to increase mobility and reduce the build-up of lymph fluid in the body.  The repetitive gentle movements are profoundly relaxing and can be performed as soon as 24 hours post-surgery.

Depending upon the type of surgical procedure, and in order to achieve optimal results for you, the treatment will evolve to include breathing exercises, stretching, myofascial release, tissue work, vibrational massage techniques, and gentle rhythmic cupping.  Claire will also provide advice on the use of dry brushing and self-fascial release techniques (use of foam rollers and massage equipment) to support your healing journey.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and post-cosmetic bodywork is strongly recommended by surgeons after surgery or aesthetic treatments. In particular, MLD is an effective part of liposuction aftercare recovery and most surgeons recommend between 6-10 treatments. Indeed, European clinical cosmetic services often provide MLD treatment or incisional drainage* as part of the post-recovery care, and start within 24 hours following the procedure.

The number of MLD treatments you have post-surgery will depend on several factors including the type of procedure, the number of areas being treated at once, and the general state of your health and lifestyle so please book in for a full MLD consultation with Claire at Claire's Magic Touch Studio in Poole. 

We also recommend having MLD treatments 2-4 days prior to your surgery to promote the best health for your tissues. Book a consultation now so we can plan your treatments as part of your pre and post-operative care plan.

*Please note:  Claire does not perform incisional drainage.  This should ideally be performed by a trained medical practitioner.  If you are considering MLD either pre or post-surgery, please talk to your surgeon about your plans.   It is important you always follow your surgeon's advice. 

Post Surgery Manual Lymphatic Drainage at Best Aesthetics Clinic in Poole Dorset

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