Body Energy Balancing

Body Energy Balancing Treatments With Claire's Magic Touch in Poole

£50 (60 mins)

Body Energy Balancing is incredibly effective in clearing blockages in the body to help engage its natural healing responses and is a profoundly mindful experience. This treatment is recommended for managing high stress, chronic pain, states of anxiety and general wellbeing. 

An important part of this treatment is Reiki, which is a Japanese healing system rediscovered in the later part of the 19th Century by Dr Usui, "Rei" - meaning universal or spiritual & "Ki" meaning vital life force energy. The practitioner uses symbols and channels vital life force energy (Qi, Prana, Bioenergy or Ki) by laying hands at specific points on and over the clothed body.

Claire has over 20 years' experience in practicing a variety of energy modalities. These include: Shiatsu, Energy Meridians, Qigong, Meditation, Pranayama (breath work) and Reiki to bring you a unique energy experience.


What To Expect

Claire will begin by clearing the body's energy channels within the dense energy body (physical tissues) by rolling, shaking and mobilising massage techniques followed by long sweeping strokes. Acupressure points will be stimulated to bring relaxation to the body, unblocking and clearing the energy centres across the body. Combining this with breath work increases the vibration of the whole self to achieve a more relaxed and balanced state of being.

Chakra refers to the many energy centres in our body which 'control' chemical, hormonal and cellular changes in the body. By clearing the negative energies and emotional blockages, we aim to bring your body back into flow and improve overall health.  The ultimate aim is to re-harmonise and helping you to return to wellness holistically.

body energy balancing at Claires Magic Touch Clinic in Poole Dorset

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