Important Info

Your Visit - Terms and Conditions

Payment: Payment can be made in cash or by debit card.  When booking online, please note that you will be required to pay a 50% deposit.

Appointment: Please note that treatment times include a consultation period, undressing and dressing both pre- and post-treatment. For example, a 75-minute appointment does not equate to a 75-minute treatment. 

Cancellations: If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before the treatment time, the full amount will be required. Discretion is reserved for individual cases. Please see below for a list of contraindications that may prevent treatment from being carried out.

Missed Appointments: If you miss your appointment, this is a lost opportunity for another person to have received treatment so please be considerate when scheduling your appointment. Claire's Magic Touch reserves the right to charge the full treatment cost if an appointment is missed.

Accessibility: Should you have mobility difficulties, or are in need of urgent treatment and require a home visit, please email or call Claire on 07738 967132.  Home visits are subject to an additional £10.00 home-call charge.  Travel to appointments is possible within a 5-mile radius of Poole, Dorset.

Professional Conduct and Client Expectations: All treatments will be completely bespoke to you. We will work together to create your desired or required treatment in a safe environment, therefore no two treatments will necessarily be the same. Professional conduct is always assured.  Your treatment will be terminated should inappropriate behaviour occur. Thank you in advance for your courtesy and respect. 

Pre and Post Treatment Care: Please consider your activities before booking your treatment and note the aftercare advice. The following is advised to ensure you gain maximum benefit from a treatment. Prior to treatment: Avoid eating too much, increase water intake, avoid alcohol, and avoid or reduce caffeine intake. Post treatment: Reduce caffeine intake, avoid hot baths or saunas for 12 hours, increase water intake and avoid alcohol consumption. Most importantly, allow adequate time for rest. 

Contraindications Preventing Treatment 

If you are under a medical practitioner for whatever reason or taking prescribed medication, please disclose any information during the consultation prior to having your treatment.  The following health conditions may prevent you from having treatment.  These are applicable to all bodywork therapies or where massage is applied during treatment.  

People with the following symptoms or illnesses should contact their doctor prior to booking a treatment to discuss potential issues with having the treatment.  Massage may still be suitable, but your doctor should first give consent to avoid any legal or medical ramifications.

Blood vessel diseases: If you have a blood clot, the massage could cause the clot to move into other organs such as the heart, lung or brain resulting in a life-threatening situation.

Cardiovascular diseases: People suffering from these diseases may have swollen blood vessels, blood clots, or heart disease.

Certain forms of cancer: Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a wonderfully supportive treatment but must be discussed & advised with your oncologist & health care professionals.

Severe/acute back pain: Acute back pain could be indicative of a deeper medical problem that could be exacerbated with massage, please seek medical advice and ask your doctor if soft tissue work would be beneficial.

First trimester (three months) of pregnancy: There is a slight risk of miscarriage during the first three months of pregnancy. Claire at Claire's Magic Touch is fully qualified and insured to carry out pregnancy massage but does not recommend treatment within the first trimester. 

Osteoporosis: Mild cases of osteoporosis can benefit from massage.  If you have severe osteoporosis you should seek medical advice before considering a massage treatment or MLD. However, energy work is acceptable for a person with any stage of osteoporosis.

Drug/alcohol use:  If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, treatment will not be carried out and full payment will be expected to be made. Due the nature of the bodywork treatment and the resulting stimulation of the body's systems this could lead to slips, trips and falls, headache, nausea, dehydration and personal miscommunications.

Open Wounds/ Infected Acne / Pustules:  Due to the nature of the treatment and resulting stimulation of the circulatory system, cross contamination and a professional standard of personal health and hygiene, bodywork therapies will either not be carried out or the affected areas will be avoided. Energy work is acceptable as this does not entail working directly on skin.