Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Enhance & Improve Your Lymphatic System

MLD With Claire's Magic Touch Studio In Poole

Individual Treatment £60 (60 mins)

Course of 6 Treatments £324   

Course of 10 Treatments £540

MLD is an effective way of managing symptoms of oedema, chronic oedema, lymphoedema (abnormal accumulation of fluid within the soft tissues), and lipedema (abnormal accumulation of fat). This treatment can also help with fatigue, migraines, auto-immune disorders, allergies, sinus problems and general wellbeing. 

Surgeons often recommend MLD following cosmetic procedures and operations to aid recovery and healing as it reduces swelling and bruising, while also promoting the elimination of toxins and cellular debris. Find out more about Post Cosmetic MLD Bodywork

Although popular in Europe, MLD is rarely offered within the NHS unless the patient has access to MLD through hospice services. 

Claire is trained in the Vodder technique of MLD, initially developed by Dr Emil Vodder & his wife Estrid Vodder in Paris in the 1930s to work directly on the lymphatic system.  Your MLD treatment will be completely bespoke to your needs and may include other techniques such as cupping, for example, to soften tissue to improve lymphatic drainage.  Cupping is an ancient treatment whereby cups are applied onto the skin via a vacuum, creating a negative pressure.  This increases blood circulation and releases white blood cells and platelets into the area which improves the flow of oxygen to the tissues, easing pain and encouraging the body's healing responses.   

Please note:  A consultation is only required for pre-surgery clients. It is not required if booking a normal MLD appointment. There is a fee for a pre-surgery consultation as this will be thorough and take up to 1 hour to complete.

Make Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Bodywork Part Of Your Aftercare

 MLD should be seen as part of your initial post-operative care plan. Any form of surgery is a controlled trauma to the body. It is a part of the lymphatic system’s job to promote healing by fighting any infection, reducing inflammation to the trauma site and clear the damaged area of bruising, residual surgical toxins and metabolic waste.

 Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an extremely gentle rhythmic advanced type of massage applied in a specific order and directly on the skin using no medium which stimulates and supports your body’s lymphatic system. Thereby promoting a speedy recovery and encourages the utmost comfort reducing the side effects of swelling, bruising and tenderness following the procedure. It is strongly recommended by surgeons post-surgery. In particular, MLD is an effective part of liposuction aftercare recovery and most surgeons recommend between 6-10 treatments. Indeed, European clinical cosmetic services often provide MLD treatment or incisional drainage* as part of the post-recovery care, and start within 24 hours following the procedure.

* Please note:  Claire does not offer incisional drainage.  This should ideally be performed by a trained medical practitioner.  If you have had a cosmetic treatment such as liposuction, please talk to your surgeon about whether MLD is right for you.  It is always important to follow your surgeon's advice.

What To Expect From Post-Cosmetic Surgery Care

Body MLD at top Clinic in Poole Dorset

A full consultation prior to your surgery is the ideal, giving you the opportunity to discuss any concerns, understand the treatment,  gather information and medical information, go through your treatment plan and book your appointments to suit your convenience without enduring post-surgery discomfort. This also allows you to be able to plan ahead, know where you are going for your treatments and for a rapport to be developed giving you peace of mind that following your procedure you have support in place.  Claire fully understands that in most cases surgeons will only make patients aware of the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage post-surgery, it’s never too late, just book in for a full consultation.

 MLD treatment will be the main type of treatment initially. Claire is trained in the Vodder technique, the repetitive gentle movements are profoundly relaxing and can be performed as soon as 24 hours post-surgery to assist and support your body's lymphatic system to promote a speedy recovery and reduce side effects including swelling, bruising, and tenderness following surgical procedures.

  Depending upon the type of surgical procedure, and in order to achieve optimal results for you, the treatment will evolve to include: breathing exercises, gently stretching, myofascial release, massage techniques, use of vibrational massage, thermotherapy and silicone cupping. Each treatment is bespoke and will accommodate and support the body’s recovery. Complimentary application of arnica gel follows each treatment and hand blended balm containing calendula and roman chamomile will nourish the skin, soothe the senses and ease the bruising. 

  Claire will also provide advice on the use of dry brushing and self-fascial release techniques (use of foam rollers and massage equipment) to support your healing journey.

The number of MLD bodywork treatments you have post-surgery will depend on several factors including the type of procedure, the number of areas being treated at once, and the general state of your health and lifestyle so please book in for a full MLD consultation with Claire at Claire's Magic Touch Studio in Poole. 

Claire also recommends having MLD treatments 2-4 days prior to your surgery to promote the best health for your tissues. Book a consultation now so we can plan your treatments as part of your pre and post-operative care plan.

Which Conditions Can Be Treated With MLD?

  • Colds / Flu
  • Glandular Fever
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Migraines and Sinus Problems
  • Lipedema and Lymphoedema
  • Hayfever / Allergies
  • Pre and Post Operative Healing
  • Post Cosmetic Surgery Healing
  • Cellulite
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Digestive Problems
  • Stress, Anxiety and Tension
  • Acne, Rosacea, Scarring
  • Risk of DVT on Long-Haul Flights
  • Oedema

Improve Lymphatic Drainage With MLD


Manual Lymphatic Drainage is hugely beneficial for people who suffer from lymphoedema and lipedema disorders that prevent proper drainage of lymph fluids (very often in the legs).  If you are suffering from unnatural swelling and pain, Claire can help by stimulating the lymphatic system to give you immediate relief.  

By increasing the flow through the lymph nodes, your system will be able to filter out waste, dead cells, excess proteins, and toxins. An increase in the production of lymphocytes will also heighten your body’s ability to fight infections.

Your lymphatic system plays a complex and crucial role within your immune system.  It consists of capillaries, vessels, lymph nodes, ducts, lymphoid organs and tissues (Peyer’s Patch’s, tonsils, adenoids, spleen, bone marrow, appendix and thymus gland).  It works complimentary to the circulatory system, collecting and draining excess bodily fluids from the tissues.  

The lymphatic system has many functions including:

Protecting your body from infection

Maintaining body fluid levels

Absorbing fats and fat-soluble nutrients within the digestive system

Removing cellular waste

MLD is effective in stimulating and clearing the toxins and cellular debris within the lymphatic system.  Lymphatic circulation has no direct pump such as the heart to move the lymph (the interstitial fluid) around the body. It relies on pressure of the arterial pulse, negative pressure in the thorax (that’s why abdominal breathing is so beneficial), valves and muscular movement.

The Benefits Of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Improves blood circulation and immune system
  • Reduces lymphatic problems
  • Protects the body against bacteria and viruses
  • Lowers stress and blood pressure
  • Regulates the body’s water balance

Sports Benefits

  • Prepares your muscles for physical effort
  • Can improve sports performance
  • Aids muscle healing after strenuous activity
  • Reduces muscle pain 
  • Reduces inflammation 

Post Surgery Benefits

  • Reduces pain from excess fluids 
  • Reduces swelling and bruising
  • Prevents build-up of bodily fluids in tissues and organs 
  • Reduces development of fibrous tissue
  • Speeds up recovery process

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Improves tired legs
  • Improves circulation for a more youthful glow
  • Reduces localised fatty areas
  • Hydrates and revitalises the skin (anti-ageing benefits)

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