Myofascial Dry Cupping Therapy

Dry Cupping Treatments With Claire's Magic Touch In Poole

£35 (30 mins)

£60 (60 mins)

Course of 6 x 30 mins treatments: £189

Dry Cupping is an ancient treatment whereby cups are applied onto the skin via a vacuum, creating a negative pressure.  This increases blood circulation and releases white blood cells and platelets into the area which improves the flow of oxygen to the tissues, easing pain and encouraging the body's healing responses.   

Cupping is an effective treatment for sports and injury rehabilitation as it aids muscle  relaxation, clears metabolic waste, increases range of motion and reduces musculoskeletal pain. 

It can help with scar tissue rehabilitation and to detoxify dysfunctional tissues. 

Cupping can ease chronic pain conditions including fibromyalgia, aid with bloating and gastric conditions.

It is also effective in easing diaphragmatic conditions such as anxiety-related shallow breathing and asthma. 

Dry cupping can cosmetically improve the skin texture and is great for detoxification.


Cupping at the best healing clinic in Poole, Dorset - Claire's Magic Touch

What To Expect

After a detailed consultation, Claire will recommend an appropriate course of treatment to give you the best results possible. All treatments are bespoke in terms of cupping techniques used and where to place them. Therefore, soft tissue palpation along with massage techniques will be applied with an oil medium prior to the placement of the cups. Cups can be used at rest or with movement with application time ranging from five to 10 minutes.  Cupping forms a negative pressure that promotes microcirculation and cell repair within the soft tissues drawing out metabolic stagnant waste to the surface whilst drawing nourishing oxygen-rich blood and lymph to the affected areas. 

You may be left with temporary marks on your skin.  Cupping marks are not bruises and will vary in colour depending upon a variety of factors including the length of time the cups are in place, the use and type of cups, skin type, level of congestion of tissues, toxic load of body, the ability of the lymphatic system, and how well you follow the aftercare advice.

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